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August 2012 Archives

Rolling DNA lab provides speed in resolving paternity disputes

Technological and scientific advances continue to alter our daily lives. Scientists have unlocked many of the secrets of the human genome, and DNA testing has revolutionized many things from criminal prosecutions to child support hearings. Establishing paternity is a crucial factor in determining what rights a putative Florida father has to see his children and what responsibilities he has to provide for their support.

Resolving pet custody can be a difficult part of divorce

A divorce initiates the complicated and sometimes extended process of separating into two groups those things that were once held as one. Dividing financial accounts and other liquid assets may seem easy, but there can be disagreements regarding exactly how much Florida law deems is fair to give to one spouse or the other. When it comes to unique items, sentimental objects and illiquid pieces of property, the task of property division can become even more complex.

Court may dismiss Owens's petition to modify child support order

Football season will begin soon, which is welcome news to many sports fans in Florida, where the sport is extremely popular. Teams have already reported to camp and have been practicing in preparation for the fall. Those who follow the pro game have probably noticed the return of one prominent star of the National Football League. Terrell Owens appears ready to attempt a comeback, signing a one-year contract with the Seahawks.

Financial differences: divorce vs. separation

With a soaring nationwide divorce rate, Florida couples are not unfamiliar with marital problems. Yet, for couples in the midst of these problems, it can be a difficult decision whether to simply separate in the hopes of reconciling or move straight into a divorce. While there are many factors that go into this decision, one of the most prominent might be how one's finances will change in the process.

Wealthy couple reaches complex property division agreement

When Florida couples divorce, they must decide how they will divide the property they have accumulated during their years together. The process can quickly become complicated where the spouses have a significant number of high-value illiquid assets, such as artwork. But where husband and wife are willing to work together, even complex property division can go smoothly.

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