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October 2012 Archives

Seminole County State Rep Questioned on Assets in Divorce

A critical part of dividing assets and determining alimony in a divorce case is determining the wealth, income and assets of both parties. Without a clear and accurate assessment of what each spouse has to work with, a judge can't make a fair decision about how assets should be distributed. In a high-profile divorce case in Seminole County, a Florida legislator is being accused of being less than honest due to his alleged use of creative accounting methods.

Warrant issued for producer over delinquent child support

For some people who must make child support payments, falling behind is a constant threat, but falling into delinquency can have serious legal consequences. Readers in the Pensacola area may be interested to learn that a Florida court has issued a warrant for the arrest of rap producer Scott Storch due to more than $28,000 worth of child support payments he owes to the mother of his child.

Florida appellate court rules on cyberstalking divorce case

During divorce proceedings, a court will consider several factors when issuing both interim orders and the final order. One factor that may be weighed is whether domestic violence has occurred in the marriage. If so, the court can issue a domestic violence injunction to protect either party during and after the divorce.

Florida court to decide same-sex custody dispute

Child custody cases can be complicated even when they stem from traditional divorces. The growing advancement of alternative fertilization techniques and acceptance of same-sex couples are creating new family law questions that may require an answer from the courts.

Divorce coaches guide parting couples

When couples plan a wedding, they often hire a wedding planner to help them with the details associated with making their commitment legal. Now, when Pensacola couples decide to part ways, some of these individuals are turning to divorce coaches for assistance with the sometimes arduous journey of returning to single status.

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