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July 2013 Archives

Florida parents: Child support case may be of interest

Child support cases can be among the most heated and contentious cases heard within the courts of the United States. Due to the variety of issues that can arise, these cases can become quite lengthy and complicated and lead to head-scratching results for one of the involved parties. Florida residents may be interested in a recent article involving a fairly complicated child support case.

Military divorce rates could be reduced with technology

Two people decide to marry when one or possibly both are serving in the military, then they realize that it can be more difficult than a more tradition marriage arrangement. Studies have shown a big increase in the number of petitions relating to military divorce. There is one tool though that may help cut that number down; technology. Now military families all over the country including in Florida can stay better connected.

Is it possible to finance a Florida divorce?

When a Florida marriage is falling apart, spouses often base their decision to file for divorce on a range of financial factors. Even wealthy spouses have to consider the financial aspects of a divorce, especially in cases in which one spouse has little control over the family finances. It is not uncommon for an angry spouse to limit the ability of the other partner to access marital funds, which can cause problems when attempting to end an unhappy marriage.

Florida child custody: State is removing more kids from homes

Any time a child is removed from their home, trauma occurs. Even in the worst cases of abuse of a child, the removal from a known environment to an unknown environment will be upsetting to a child. South Florida has seen an increase in children removed from their homes due to alleged abuse. It is important to understand why there is an increase in child custody cases so preventive programs can be implemented for the best interests of children.

Shedding social stigma: Alimony for men

As divorce issues go, alimony is one of the top points of discussion. Whether it is on a national scale discussing how alimony should be reformed or simply the agreements being made between a separating Florida couple, the topic is one with which a significant number of people are familiar. As so many are privy to the topic, it remains an intriguing fact that the difference in percentage between men receiving alimony payments and women receiving payments is so enormous.

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