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October 2013 Archives

Consider retirement planning during divorce negotiations

Because of the increasing numbers of divorces coming later in life, a focus on retirement issues is important. This may be particularly applicable in Florida due to large segments of retirement-age residents. Due to divorce, several programs and funds that two people had together must now be re-designed as a separate unit for each person.

Husband flees in high-asset divorce case

Florida readers may be following media coverage of a high-profile divorce that has shocked many within the American financial industry. The case centers on the former Chairman of a major metropolitan Board of Trade and his estranged wife. The two have been embroiled in a long running divorce battle, which has now spilled over into criminal charges.

Dividing property in the event of a Florida divorce

Among the chief concerns of Florida spouses who are preparing to divorce is how to handle the division of marital property. Real estate poses a particular concern, due to the large volume of uncertainties surrounding the value of a home and its likelihood of selling. For some, the challenges of dealing with the disposition of the family home are overwhelming. Couples should remember, however, that they have options when it comes to dividing property during a divorce.

Financial advice for men facing a divorce

When it comes to advice concerning the end of a marriage, the vast bulk of what is written is geared toward advising women. Wives are presented with a wide range of resources concerning their legal options, financial planning and negotiation strategies as they prepare to end their marriage. Advice aimed at men is much harder to come by. One recently published article aims to educate men in Florida and elsewhere on the top issues that they will face when they begin the divorce process.

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