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New guidelines for alimony in Florida are yet again in the works

Alimony has been a hot topic in Florida for several legislative sessions. Previous bills have been vetoed by the governor and come under fire by women's advocacy groups. However, current proposed changes seem to have the support of both sides and may lead to landmark reforms to what some believe to be an outdated alimony system.

Divorce Corp. is a documentary pushing for alimony reform

Alimony, sometimes referred to as spousal support, is money one individual is ordered to pay to his or her ex-spouse following a divorce. Last year, Florida lawmakers attempted to pass a bill to stop permanent alimony, but, due to a veto by the governor, the bill never became law. Florida residents who are struggling financially due to court-ordered alimony payments may be interested in Divorce Corp. and the growing push for reforms.

Does a raise in income mean higher alimony payments?

Many former spouses are ordered to pay alimony on a monthly basis. Alimony in Florida is a certain amount of money paid out to ex-spouses following a divorce.  Sometimes, spousal support is increased for certain reasons. In one case, a man's income increased, and the ex-wife filed for modification.

Florida men can seek alimony in divorce

Divorce is often a difficult process for the two individuals that are separating, both emotionally and financially. The process of divorce is generally not a short process, and some cases can stretch on for months as the fine points are decided. One of the fine points that is most regularly argued is alimony because, without it, many spouses are financially strained after divorce. However, for many Florida cases, if the strained individual is a man, alimony may not be awarded.

Divorce can be hard for Florida residents during holidays

Divorce is never an easy process for those involved, but around the holidays, a separation can be even more difficult in Florida. Unfortunately, an especially difficult divorce at this time of year can have an emotional impact on those involved for years after the marriage is over. However, navigating the maze-like divorce process can become easier when the right support system is in place; this includes encouraging family and friends as well as qualified legal counsel.

Florida parents handling combative exes during a divorce

Going through a divorce can be a confusing time for any Florida parent. One thing can make this new experience even more difficult is dealing with a combative ex-spouse. Sometimes it may only be one parent who wants the divorce, and the other parent will do what they can to make the process more difficult for both the kids and their ex. Unfortunately, changing another person's opinion can very often be difficult, but there are still methods that can ease an individual through the divorcing process.

Recent celebrity divorce leaves wife with nothing

Unfortunately for many couples, a Florida divorce may not always go as planned. Many people likely assume that a divorce will turn out to be fair and the couple will split and go their separate ways. Sadly for many, it does not always turn out this way and one spouse may walk away with the majority if not all of the assets. When considering a divorce, it is always important to keep in mind that a divorce can affect one for the rest of one's life, and going about it in a prepared manner may be beneficial.

Divorce may involve child custody, child support in Florida

Individuals who have decided to split up with their spouses and move on with their lives may see nothing wrong with enjoying a few overnight dates with a new person. However, if one has children in the home, this person should be cautious in Florida. Not only can kids be emotionally affected by this, but the parent's custody situation also could be impacted following a divorce.

Florida divorce after 50 not as rough on finances as imagined

There are many Florida couples who divorce daily and are able to be financially stable not long after. For many older couples, though, it may be harder. We have previously discussed complex property division and alimony, but have yet to discuss financial protection. When a couple decides to divorce after 50, the result can be detrimental to one's financial stability. Of course, this fact likely won't make someone want to stay in a marriage they are unhappy in, and there are strategies one can use to be protected financially in the event of a divorce.

Financial advice for men facing a divorce

When it comes to advice concerning the end of a marriage, the vast bulk of what is written is geared toward advising women. Wives are presented with a wide range of resources concerning their legal options, financial planning and negotiation strategies as they prepare to end their marriage. Advice aimed at men is much harder to come by. One recently published article aims to educate men in Florida and elsewhere on the top issues that they will face when they begin the divorce process.

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