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Establishing parental rights as an unwed father

Plenty of children are born every year in Florida to parents who are not married. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. For fathers, though, it is important to take certain steps to establish parental rights.

Fathers' rights: Co-parenting after custody is settled

For many Florida fathers, the period of time that follows a divorce can be just as challenging as the divorce itself. This is especially true for those who have fought a difficult fathers' rights battle, but even fathers who have had a relatively easy divorce can be thrown for a loop when transitioning into the next steps. This is a time in which new roles are structured, new boundaries are set and all parties begin to settle into the routine of a co-parenting arrangement. For those who are preparing to enter this process, there are a few basic guidelines that can make the transition easier for all involved.

Fathers' rights cases can be emotionally draining

For many Florida men, going through a child custody battle will be one of the most emotionally trying times of their entire lives. It can be difficult to focus on the legal tasks required during a fathers' rights case, and all-too-easy to become mired in negative thought patterns focused on the past. While involved in a child custody matter, men must make an effort to put their legal needs at the forefront.

More custody decisions are reflecting the rights of fathers

Over the past few decades, the role of the father has shifted from simply a provider to that of an active participant in the parenting process for many Florida families. Along with this shift, more and more fathers are realizing the importance of their role of father. As such, many fathers are insisting that the rights of fathers be recognized in important divorce decisions such as child custody and child support.

Man fighting for fathers' rights headed to trial

Fathers in Florida may be familiar with the battles of fighting for fathers' rights. A man in another state has recently found himself in a situation where he is literally fighting to be with his son. After trials and tribulations in the case, he and his son's mother are now forced to go to trial to determine where the boy's best interest lies -- with his mother or father. This case of fathers' rights in a child custody battle is not the norm of a mother wanting to move in order to work or go to school; it is about a mother wanting to be with her new husband.

Earning fathers' rights in a Florida courtroom

When a Florida couple considers a divorce, fathers' rights may number among the last things thought about. This is not on purpose, though, or out of lack of love for the children. It is typically because in the past, it was often assumed that the mother would keep the children -- leaving the father with court-ordered visitation. For many fathers, this may suffice, but many may want more time with their children and not be aware of the fathers' rights they have. If a father is interested in receiving more time with their children, it may be of interest to learn what not to do in the event of a divorce.

A few things for Dads to remember prior to custody hearings

Any divorcing couple wants to avoid a contentious split -- but sometimes, that is simply the way things are. Whether the divorce is amicable or divisive, one of the most important (if not the most important) issues at hand is child custody. If you and your spouse have a child, coming to terms on child support, custody and visitation will be a key matter in proceedings. Ultimately, both you and your spouse want what is best for your child; but getting there can be difficult.

Judge chastises prosecutors for child support actions

When a child support judgment is ordered, not following it can lead to problems such as wage garnishment, driver's license suspension and even jail. In Pensacola, if a parent is found to be in arrears of child support, it can also lead to the loss of the delinquent parent's passport. This is why it is important for any parent who is falling behind on child support payments to learn about the legal ramifications and, if possible, seek a child support modification to stave off any possible penalties.

Halle Berry can't go to France with child, says judge

When parents want to move to a different area and take the children along, many issues can arise. Unless divorced or unmarried parents relocate to the same area, it can make it difficult for one parent to spend time with their kids. Since mothers are more often than not are awarded custody of children, moving away to another area can turn out to be a violation of fathers' rights to have a relationship with their children.

Rolling DNA lab provides speed in resolving paternity disputes

Technological and scientific advances continue to alter our daily lives. Scientists have unlocked many of the secrets of the human genome, and DNA testing has revolutionized many things from criminal prosecutions to child support hearings. Establishing paternity is a crucial factor in determining what rights a putative Florida father has to see his children and what responsibilities he has to provide for their support.

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