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New guidelines for alimony in Florida are yet again in the works

Alimony has been a hot topic in Florida for several legislative sessions. Previous bills have been vetoed by the governor and come under fire by women's advocacy groups. However, current proposed changes seem to have the support of both sides and may lead to landmark reforms to what some believe to be an outdated alimony system.

Divorce Corp. is a documentary pushing for alimony reform

Alimony, sometimes referred to as spousal support, is money one individual is ordered to pay to his or her ex-spouse following a divorce. Last year, Florida lawmakers attempted to pass a bill to stop permanent alimony, but, due to a veto by the governor, the bill never became law. Florida residents who are struggling financially due to court-ordered alimony payments may be interested in Divorce Corp. and the growing push for reforms.

Does a raise in income mean higher alimony payments?

Many former spouses are ordered to pay alimony on a monthly basis. Alimony in Florida is a certain amount of money paid out to ex-spouses following a divorce.  Sometimes, spousal support is increased for certain reasons. In one case, a man's income increased, and the ex-wife filed for modification.

Florida men can seek alimony in divorce

Divorce is often a difficult process for the two individuals that are separating, both emotionally and financially. The process of divorce is generally not a short process, and some cases can stretch on for months as the fine points are decided. One of the fine points that is most regularly argued is alimony because, without it, many spouses are financially strained after divorce. However, for many Florida cases, if the strained individual is a man, alimony may not be awarded.

Shedding social stigma: Alimony for men

As divorce issues go, alimony is one of the top points of discussion. Whether it is on a national scale discussing how alimony should be reformed or simply the agreements being made between a separating Florida couple, the topic is one with which a significant number of people are familiar. As so many are privy to the topic, it remains an intriguing fact that the difference in percentage between men receiving alimony payments and women receiving payments is so enormous.

Florida alimony bill vetoed by governor

It is likely that this past spring there were many individuals in the state of Florida who were closely watching the alimony overhaul bill that would have dramatically changed the way the spousal support payments were handled in the state of Florida. Known as SB 718, the legislation made it all the way to the desk of governor Rick Scott before it was vetoed.

Florida's alimony laws may see reform

When a marriage ends in divorce, the couple must make many decisions. Some of the most difficult issues to resolve have to do property division and child custody, as well as child support and alimony payments that will continue well after the divorce becomes final.

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